Owl Nest Farm

Blogs I love

Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity

 ​I love Sarah, she cracks me up and her blog is definately my absolute favorite to read.

Frugally Sustainable

This is actually the blog that got us started on our journey years ago.
This is a blog as well as a forum. It has multiple bloggers and anyone can join in on the discussions in the forums once they make an account.

Books I love

The Outlander Series

I haven't quite finished it yet but I am so in love with Jamie Fraser (sorry Billy) I've also seen the first season on dvd thanks to a friend and its a good show as well. Now no spoilers people, I haven't read the whole thing!



Ecosia is a search engine that  helps plant trees! Of course being the eco-minded hippie I am this makes me love it. Last I looked I had helped plant 27 trees in Tanzania.

Stores & Companies

Grove Collabrative
Formerly known as Epantry, Grove Co. is a certified B Corporation. A portion of the sales go to saving the rainforest and they only sell ecologically safe products.
Territorial Seed Company
Territorial has been around for nearly 40 years. Working towards building better heirloom varieties for over 25 years. A good portion of the seed I have has come from Territorial.